3 Great New Inventions For 2015!!!


Brooke Martin a 13 year old kid was inspired by her dog Kayla to invent iCUPpooch, a device that allows video chat and treat dispensing remotely to keep separation anxiety at bay. her invention has earned her a spot competing against nine other finalists in a young scientist competition for middle-school students.

The World’s Thinnest Condom:

A Chinese company created the world’s thinnest latex condom, getting the Guinness World Record for the barely-there rubber. This so-called Aoni condom measures just 0.0014 inches (0.036 millimeters) thick.

Gel to make robots softer:

A new material controlled by light may help scientists build better soft-bodied robots. The developers of the gel say they were inspired by the way a plant grows to face the sunlight. Unlike plants, though, the gel can be made to flex and move almost instantaneously. The UC Berkeley scientists created the gel using graphene and a synthetic protein similar to elastin, which is found in humans’ blood vessels, skin and more.



Brotha Lynch Hung’s  Mannibalector.


Travis Tritt Movie.


Whitney Peyton’s Bittersweet.

CSIS surveillance upgrade

I believe that CSIS has no right to invade our privacy and destroy our rights as citizens like this! Seriously how much longer do we have to wait before we have martial law in town and government restrictions on our everyday activities? They already control the bulk of our lives, so why let them go ahead with this project and take away what little privacy we have left? It comes down to a simple equation really, if you treat us like animals we’ll act like animals. Besides the police are obligated to show a warrant or at the least have a probable cause before they are legally allowed to search through your possessions for anything harmful, so why are the government associates trying to bypass this? its simple the surveillance upgrade is nothing but an abuse of power for those who have enough money to control us. In starting this  CSIS is doing exactly what they claim they aren’t doing, overreacting! I mean just because you find one person to have harmful ideas, and/or having acted on them doesn’t mean that everyone in that particular area should be treated as a psychopath too! In agreeing to have CSIS freely go through our lives with a fine-toothed comb we are letting them not only control but  abuse us as they slowly strip away all that we are and nothing more but mere slaves of the demented dominatrix who goes by “the reverend green”.